Jumping for Great Behaviour

Jumping for Great Behaviour

Jumping for Great Behaviour


This is a great behaviour management idea. It features Kelso. The idea is adapted from a website-Mrs. Nelson’s Class.

2 thoughts on “Jumping for Great Behaviour

  1. I like the strategy, really visual and a great way to motivate students.

    How often is it reset to all students being in the top frog category? (Is it every lesson, every day, every week etc…) and how would you deal with a student who is regularly in the bottom category so that they don’t become stuck at the bottom?

  2. Thanks, I usually do it every day.

    I try my best not to move students from one zone to another too quickly esp when it is going from up to bottom. Regular reminders are used to help them stay at the top. In case someone lands at the bottom, I usually try to create a situation where he/she would perform well and quickly move up. By giving some responsibility that can be done easily and praise is given as well.

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