Hi, I am a Kindergarten teacher currently working at a school in Dubai. I believe in learning and sharing and that is why this site is up to help other educators get some ideas for hands-on and center based activities. Hoping to create a great online resource for all the amazing teachers around the world.

This website is all about teaching and learning. I will be adding activities that I have prepared and done in my class. Look out for teaching ideas, bulletin boards, hands-on materials, freebies, worksheets and more.

Happy Teaching!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. thank you for this wonderful site, very educational. I am only a teacher assistant here in Dubai, hopefully I can be a teacher too.

  2. Hi faryal,

    Great site, good to see a teacher so passionate about her work. We are a new nursery opening in dubai(jlt) and are looking for motivated staff.

  3. hi Farryal ,
    After long time i came back to visit ur site ….Mashallah alot of wonderful changes you have made.Would be happy to join you in anykind of ” Art n Craft ” activity for kids 🙂
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Faryal, my name is Raena and I’m a qualified nursery nurse. I have over 8 years experience of working with children. I currently work and live in the UK but am looking for a job in the UAE. Please let me know if you have any vacancies or know of any on 07941441746 or you can email me on rhussain2@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks for your time.

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