Stone Monsters

20130315-113243 PM.jpg
During our Monster Theme, I made these stone monsters for our small world corner. Students enjoyed making stories with these stone monsters.

Gruffalo Wooden Spoon Character Puppets

20130315-112733 PM.jpg

It was fun to make these Gruffalo character puppets. I painted the spoons with acrylic paints and outlined with black marker. Students used them for retelling the story. They were a good addition to the Gruffalo story sack.

100 Days Celebration Craft- When I Will Be 100 Years Old

100 Days Craft-100 years old

100 Days Craft-100 years old

During the 100 days of school celebration, the children enjoyed making the ‘ When I will be 100 years old’ craft. Before making the craft we saw photographs of people who are 100 years old. Then we discussed about the changes that happen to a person’s face and body as time passes. The students were eager to respond and loved the craft activity.