CVC picture to word matching activity

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This is a popular literacy centre activity among my little ones. I made the chicks with yellow craft paper and laminated them. Later cut the eggs and pasted CVC pictures to match the words.

Monster Keychain CVC Sensory Tub

Monster Key Chain CVC Sensory Tub

Monster Key Chain CVC Sensory Tub

This Monster keychain CVC sensory tub was a huge hit in my class. It contains yellow coloured sand and keychains with CVC words on them. Children read the words and wrote them on slips of paper. Monsters are made with bottle caps.

CVC Words – Read, Trace and write

I would like to share a set of CVC read, trace and write activity cards. Print on white paper and laminate. Students can use whiteboard markers to complete the task. Store in a zipper file; makes an amazing busy bag at the literacy center.

Click on the link below to download this freebie. (8 pages)

cvc identify trace write 1

CVC capture

Cherry Flannel Board CVC Word Building Activity

Students build CVC words using this cherry flannel board. I made it with felt circles glued on to a yellow foam board. I used Velcro strips for the letters cards. Children love to build words using this board. It surely is a great hands-on activity for building CVC words. Pictures can be given to aid building words. Children write the words they make on paper strips.

Cherry Flannel Board CVC Word Building Activity

Cherry Flannel Board CVC Word Building Activity